On some metric and combinatorial geometric problems

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Let x1,...,xn be n distinct points in the plane. Denote by D(x1,...,xn) the minimum number of distinct distances determined by x1,...,xn. Put f{hook}(n) = min D(x1,..., xn). An old and probably very difficult conjecture of mine states that f{hook}(n) > cn (log n) 1 2. f{hook}(5) = 2 and the only way we can get f{hook}(5) = 2 is if the points form a regular pentagon. Are there other values of n for which there is a unique configuration of points for which the minimal value of f{hook}(n) is assumed? Is it true that the set of points which implements f{hook}(n) has lattice structure? Many related questions are discussed.

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