On consolidation of self-reinforced polypropylene composites

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Self-reinforced polypropylene composites (SRPPC) were manufactured with film stacking method at different processing temperatures (T=150-175°C) at a constant pressure of 5·5 MPa and holding time of 90 s with a nominal reinforcement content of 50 wt-%. For reinforcement carded PP, for matrix random PP copolymer films with two different melt flow rate (MFR) values were used. Static tensile and dynamic falling weight impact tests were performed on the manufactured SRPPC sheets. To characterise the consolidation light microscopic pictures were taken on the polished cross-section, and the density and the interlaminar strength were determined. Based on the results, the optimal processing temperature was deduced.

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JournalPlastics, Rubber and Composites
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Publication statusPublished - Nov 24 2006



  • Consolidation
  • Film stacking
  • Perforation impact
  • Polypropylene
  • Self-reinforced polymer composite

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