Obimon: An open-source device enabling group measurement of electrodermal activity

Krisztian Kasos, Szabolcs Zimonyi, Bianka Gonye, Ferenc Köteles, Eniko Kasos, Eszter Kotyuk, Katalin Varga, Andras Veres, Anna Szekely

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Electrodermal activity (EDA) provides the means to gauge the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. Assessment of EDA for research purposes requires measurement systems that are sensitive to small changes in arousal in the full measurement range, collecting, storing, and monitoring data. The objective behind designing a new open-source device was to be able to measure EDA simultaneously on many subjects, monitoring their activity in real time remotely and collecting high precision data suitable for analyses. To assure feasibility of simultaneous measurements on multiple subjects, the devices must be compact and wearable, without compromising data quality. Experiments were carried out using synchronized devices in group and single subject environments. Validity of EDA measurements of Obimon was demonstrated compared to a reference system (Nexus) during a breathing exercise, a short movie, and while exposed to loud computer-generated tones, using Pearson correlation, Passing-Bablok regression, and Bland-Altman analysis. Seamless management of several Obimons and real-time visualization of EDA via Android phone/tablet application from a large number of participants was demonstrated. Based on analyses of the data collected, we conclude that the Obimon device presented here is a valid and feasible tool for collecting EDA in single or multisubject environments.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere13374
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2019


  • arousal
  • electrodermal
  • group measurement
  • skin conductance
  • wireless

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    Kasos, K., Zimonyi, S., Gonye, B., Köteles, F., Kasos, E., Kotyuk, E., Varga, K., Veres, A., & Szekely, A. (2019). Obimon: An open-source device enabling group measurement of electrodermal activity. Psychophysiology, 56(8), [e13374].