Numeric characterization of "Orthophragmina' populations

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Unlike the Cretaceous and Oligo-Miocene larger foraminifers, the "Orthophragminae' (Discocyclinidae and Asterocyclinidae) are characterized by many parallel lineages; thus, their determination is much more troublesome. To effectively eliminate any subjectivity, it is expedient to apply numeric features, in addition to some more simple qualitative characteristics. Some of these are useful for distinguishing between the lineages, while others serve to define evolution within the lineage. These numeric features will be defined and altogether 15 features (4 qualitative and 11 numeric) of "Orthophragmina' taxa of the Tethys will be tabulated. Due to the existing convergencies and taxonomic uncertainties, it is advisable to begin with the determination of taxa which can be unambiguously defined by these features. -from Author

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JournalActa Geologica Hungarica
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1992

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