Nuclear modification at √sNN = 17.3 GeV, measured at NA49

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Transverse momentum spectra up to 4.5GeV/c were measured around midrapidity in Pb+Pb reactions at √sNN = 17.3GeV, for π ±, p, p̄ and K ±, by the NA49 experiment. The nuclear modification factors R AA, R AA/pA and R CP were extracted and are compared to RHIC results at √SNN = 200GeV. The modification factor R AA shows a rapid increase with transverse momentum in the covered region. The modification factor R CP shows saturation well below unity in the π ± channel. The extracted R CP values follow the 200GeV RHIC results closely in the available transverse momentum range for all particle species. For π ± above 2.5GeV/c transverse momentum, the measured suppression is smaller than that observed at RHIC. The nuclear modification factor R AA/pA for π ± stays well below unity.

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JournalIndian Journal of Physics
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 2011



  • Nuclear modifiation factor
  • jet quenching

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