Novel synthesis of phosphinates by the microwave-assisted esterification of phosphinic acids

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1-Hydroxy-3-phospholene oxides (1 and 3) and phenyl-H-phosphinic acid (6) are converted to the corresponding phosphinic esters (2, 4, and 7, respectively) by reaction with simple alcohols on microwave irradiation. Under traditional heating conditions, the esterification does not take place, as in the cases of 1 and 3, or is highly incomplete, as in the case of 6. Steric hindrance in diphenylphosphinic acid prevents efficient microwave-assisted esterification.

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JournalSynthetic Communications
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Publication statusPublished - Jul 17 2009



  • Esterification
  • Green chemistry
  • Microwave synthesis
  • Phosphinates
  • Phosphinic acids

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