Novel route to synthesize CaAl- and MgAl-layered double hydroxides with highly regular morphology

Szabolcs Muráth, Zoltán Somosi, Ákos Kukovecz, Zoltán Kónya, Pál Sipos, István Pálinkó

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A facile, sol–gel method was developed to obtain Al-containing layered double hydroxides (LDHs) with Ca or Mg divalent cations. Ca- and Al-alkoxide were added to aqueous NaNO 3 solution, and, after rapid gelation, a solid product, phase-pure, highly crystalline CaAl–LDH was formed with exceptionally regular morphology without impurities for the first time with sol–gel method. The lack of salt in the solution used for the hydrolysis resulted in a non-desirable by-product (katoite). For the sol–gel synthesis of MgAl–LDH, it was found that its formation was less sensitive to the presence of nitrate ions, and pure water or aqueous NaOH worked equally well. The product was also a highly crystalline material with thin, plate-like morphology as revealed by X-ray diffractometry and scanning electron microscopy. IR measurements indicate the lack of organic substance in the interlamellar space for both materials. [Figure not available: see fulltext.].

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)844-851
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Mar 15 2019


  • CaAl- and MgAl-layered double hydroxides
  • Crystals with regular morphology
  • Metal alkoxides
  • Sol–gel process
  • X-ray diffractometry and microscopic analysis

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