Novel gamete storage

A. Dinnyes, J. Liu, T. L. Nedambale

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The aim of this review is to outline recent advances in gamete storage that are beneficial for rescuing endangered species or for the breeding of companion animals. Much more information is available on the technical resolutions and practical applications of sperm cryopreservation in various species than of female gametes, reproductive tissues or organs. Mammalian sperm cryopreservation often works relatively efficiently; however, the ability of female gametes to be cryopreserved and still be viable for fertilisation is also essential for rescuing endangered species. For a proper evaluation of gamete cryopreservation possibilities in a given species, it is essential to understand the basic mechanism affecting the survival of cryopreserved cells, the technical and physical limitations, the available techniques and the new avenues to resolve the specific problems in that species. This paper is aimed to provide some help for this process. The limited length of this paper resulted in the omission of information on many important areas, including most data on teleosts, amphibian and insect cryopreservation.

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JournalReproduction, Fertility and Development
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Aug 9 2007


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