Novel approach to imaging by cosmic-ray muons

Istvan Bikit, Dusan Mrdja, Kristina Bikit, Jaroslav Slivka, Nikola Jovancevic, László Oláh, Gergo Hamar, Dezso Varga

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Cosmic-ray muons can be used for imaging of large structures, or high-density objects with high atomic number. The first task can be performed by measurement of muon absorption within very thick material layers, while the second approach is based on muon multiple scattering. However, the muon imaging of small structures with low atomic number and density was not yet solved appropriately. Here we show the first results of cosmic-ray muon imaging of small objects made of elements of low atomic number. This novel approach includes detection of secondary particles produced by muons, which were not used at all in previous muon imaging methods. Thus, the list of elements, as well as the range of dimensions of objects which can be imaged are significantly expanded.

Original languageEnglish
Article number58001
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2016


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Bikit, I., Mrdja, D., Bikit, K., Slivka, J., Jovancevic, N., Oláh, L., Hamar, G., & Varga, D. (2016). Novel approach to imaging by cosmic-ray muons. EPL, 113(5), [58001].