Norm of Bethe-wave functions in the continuum limit

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The 6-vertex model with appropriately chosen alternating inhomogeneities gives the so-called light-cone lattice regularization of the sine-Gordon (Massive-Thirring) model. In this integrable lattice model we consider pure hole states above the antiferromagnetic vacuum and express the norm of Bethe-wave functions in terms of the hole's positions and the counting-function of the state under consideration. In the light-cone regularized picture pure hole states correspond to pure soliton (fermion) states of the sine-Gordon (massive Thirring) model. Hence, we analyze the continuum limit of our new formula for the norm of the Bethe-wave functions. We show, that the physically most relevant determinant part of our formula can be expanded in the large volume limit and turns out to be proportional to the Gaudin-determinant of pure soliton states in the sine-Gordon model defined in finite volume.

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JournalNuclear Physics B
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1 2018

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