Non-invasive body composition measurement of broiler chickens between 4-18 weeks of age by computer tomography

G. Andrássy-Baka, R. Romvári, G. Milisits, Z. Süta, A. Szabó, L. Locsmándi, P. Horn

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Non-invasive computerized tomography was performed on commercial broiler chickens, in both sexes, between 4 to 18 weeks of age, with the aim of body composition measurement. On the basis of 16-32 scans gathered from each bird during the scanning procedure, volumetric measurement of the breast muscle was performed. These values were at the 259; 493; 786 cm3 and 195; 460; 668 cm 3 in male and female birds at the age of 6, 12 and 18 weeks, respectively. The total body fat content was characterized by the so called fat index", a value independent of the live weight. This indices were 7,3; 7,14; 9,48 and 8,8; 13,3; 21,6 following the above order. Total body fat and crude protein was determined both by CT and chemical analysis. The variables of the prediction equations were taken from the density values of the Hounsfield scale between -140 and +150, by summarizing the frequencies within each interval of 10 values. Several models were developed with Principal Component Analysis. The R 2 values of the estimations were high (R 2 = 0,89; 0,88) for total body fat but moderate (R 2 = 0,39; 0,44) in the prediction of crude protein content. The investigation of the tissue development in the body was carried out by means of 3D histograms.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)585-595
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JournalArchives Animal Breeding
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Oct 10 2003



  • body composition
  • broiler chickens
  • computerized tomography
  • fat content

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