Nocistatin and nociceptin given centrally induce opioid-mediated gastric mucosal protection

Zoltán S. Zádori, Nashwan Shujaa, László Köles, Kornél P. Király, Kornélia Tekes, Klára Gyires

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Nociceptin (N/OFQ) and nocistatin (NST) are two endogenous neuropeptides derived from the same precursor protein, preproN/OFQ. The aim of the present work was to study the effect of NST on the ethanol-induced mucosal damage compared with that of N/OFQ following intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration in the rat and to analyze the mechanism of the gastroprotective action. It was found that both NST and N/OFQ reduced the mucosal lesions in the same dose range (0.2-1 nmol i.c.v.), but in higher doses (2-5 nmol i.c.v.) the gastroprotective effect of both peptides was highly diminished. The gastroprotective effect of N/OFQ (1 nmol), but not that of NST (1 nmol), was reduced by the selective nociceptin receptor antagonist J-113397 (69 nmol i.c.v.). Similarly, decrease of the gastroprotective effect was observed after the combination of NST (1 nmol) with N/OFQ (0.6 or 1 nmol). However, addition of the gastroprotective effects was observed, when lower dose (0.2 nmol) of NST was given prior to N/OFQ (0.6 nmol). The gastroprotective effect of both N/OFQ and NST was antagonized by naloxone (27 nmol), β-funaltrexamine (20 nmol), naltrindole (5 nmol) and norbinaltorphimine (14 nmol), the μ-, δ- and κ-opioid receptor antagonists, respectively, given i.c.v. The mucosal protection was significantly decreased after bilateral cervical vagotomy. The present findings suggest that NST similar to N/OFQ, may also induce gastric mucosal protective action initiated centrally in a vagal-dependent mechanism. Opioid component is likely to be involved in the gastroprotective effect of both NST and N/OFQ.

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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2008


  • Gastric mucosal damage
  • Nociceptin
  • Nocistatin
  • Opioid antagonists
  • Rat

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