Nitrogen balances in long-term field experiments

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The influence of fertilization with different N doses on nitrate-N content of the deeper soil layers were investigated in soils of long-term experiments at the experimental stations of the National Fertilizer Experimental Network in Hungary. Distribution of nitrate-N with depth was also studied in plots fertilized with different N doses. Although these experiments were set up according to an identical experimental plan at every location, after 20 years of experimentation substantial differences could be detected in the nitrate-N contents, nitrate-N distribution profiles on plots of the same treatments, as well as in the yield and the nitrogen uptake of the cultivated plants at the various sites. These differences are attributed to differences in soil properties and in environmental conditions existing at the individual experimental stations. The conclusions drawn from the data are very important when evaluating the role of nitrogen fertilization in the nitrate-contamination of soils, surface water and groundwater, and for a more precise determination of the N doses to be applied under specific soil and environmental conditions.

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  • N-balances
  • N-fertilization
  • deep-drilling
  • environmental conditions
  • nitrate accumulation

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