Nickel Ion Complexes of Amino Acids and Peptides

Teresa Kowalik-Jankowska, Henryk Kozlowski, E. Farkas, I. Sóvágó

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Thermodynamic and structural characteristics of Ni(II) and Ni(III) complexes with amino acids, amino acid derivatives (including phosphonate, oxime and hydroxamic acids), and peptides are discussed and related to nickel specificity and its basic features for biological functioning. In the simple amino acids the amino nitrogen and carboxylate oxygen chelate metal ions, giving complexes of moderate stability. The two critical amino acids for biological implications of nickel are histidine coordinating by the imidazole moiety and cysteine with its thiol sulfur donor. Both residues are also crucial for binding of Ni(II) in peptides, while simple peptides will coordinate Ni(II) via amino and amide nitrogen donors. Ni(III) is relatively easily obtained by oxidation of Ni(II) complexes. A four-nitrogen donor set (e.g. (NH2, 3×N-)) makes Ni(III) species relatively stable and allows to study this oxidation state under mild conditions. The biological consequences including nickel toxicity and its redox ability are discussed in relation to chemical properties of the respective nickel systems.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNickel and Its Surprising Impact in Nature
Number of pages45
ISBN (Print)9780470028131, 047001671X, 9780470016718
Publication statusPublished - Mar 12 2007


  • Ni(II) amino acid complexes
  • Ni(II) hydroxamic acids complexes
  • Ni(II) oxime complexes
  • Ni(II) peptide complexes
  • Ni(II) phosphonate complexes
  • Ni(III) peptide complexes

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    Kowalik-Jankowska, T., Kozlowski, H., Farkas, E., & Sóvágó, I. (2007). Nickel Ion Complexes of Amino Acids and Peptides. In Nickel and Its Surprising Impact in Nature (Vol. 2, pp. 63-107). wiley.