New experimental study of low-energy (p,γ) resonances in magnesium isotopes

B. Limata, F. Strieder, A. Formicola, G. Imbriani, M. Junker, H. W. Becker, D. Bemmerer, A. Best, R. Bonetti, C. Broggini, A. Caciolli, P. Corvisiero, H. Costantini, A. Dileva, Z. Elekes, Zs Fülöp, G. Gervino, A. Guglielmetti, C. Gustavino, Gy GyürkyA. Lemut, M. Marta, C. Mazzocchi, R. Menegazzo, P. Prati, V. Roca, C. Rolfs, C. Rossi Alvarez, C. Salvo, E. Somorjai, O. Straniero, F. Terrasi, H. P. Trautvetter

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Proton captures on Mg isotopes play an important role in the Mg-Al cycle active in stellar H-shell burning. In particular, the strengths of low-energy resonances with E<200 keV in Mg25(p,γ)Al26 determine the production of Al26 and a precise knowledge of these nuclear data is highly desirable. Absolute measurements at such low energies are often very difficult and hampered by γ-ray background as well as changing target stoichiometry during the measurements. The latter problem can be partly avoided using higher-energy resonances of the same reaction as a normalization reference. Hence the parameters of suitable resonances have to be studied with adequate precision. In the present work we report on new measurements of the resonance strengths ωγ of the E=214, 304, and 326 keV resonances in the reactions Mg24(p,γ)Al25, Mg25(p,γ)Al26, and Mg26(p,γ)Al27, respectively. These studies were performed at the LUNA facility in the Gran Sasso underground laboratory using multiple experimental techniques and provided results with a higher accuracy than previously achieved.

Original languageEnglish
Article number015801
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2010

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    Limata, B., Strieder, F., Formicola, A., Imbriani, G., Junker, M., Becker, H. W., Bemmerer, D., Best, A., Bonetti, R., Broggini, C., Caciolli, A., Corvisiero, P., Costantini, H., Dileva, A., Elekes, Z., Fülöp, Z., Gervino, G., Guglielmetti, A., Gustavino, C., ... Trautvetter, H. P. (2010). New experimental study of low-energy (p,γ) resonances in magnesium isotopes. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 82(1), [015801].