New combinatorial clustering methods

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Sixteen clustering methods are compatible with the general recurrence equation of combinatorial SAHN (sequential, agglomerative, hierarchical and nonoverlapping) classificatory strategies. These are subdivided into two classes: the d-SAHN methods seek for minimal between-cluster distances the h-SAHN strategies for maximal within-cluster homogeneity. The parameters and some basic features of all combinatorial methods are listed to allow comparisons between these two families of clustering procedures. Interest is centred on the h-SAHN techniques; the derivation of updating parameters is presented and the monotonicity properties are examined. Three new strategies are described, a weighted and an unweighted variant of the minimization of the increase of average distance within clusters and a homogeneity-optimizing flexible method. The performance of d- and h-SAHN techniques is compared using field data from the rock grassland communities of the Sashegy Nature Reserve, Budapest, Hungary.

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  • Cluster homogeneity
  • Dendrogram
  • Flexible method
  • Hierarchical classification
  • Rock grassland
  • Ultrametric

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