Neutral strange particle production in high transverse momentum π- nucleus interactions at ∼40 GeV/c

H. Bärwolff, C. Dreher, W. Friebel, U. Gensch, H. E. Roloff, H. J. Schreiber, C. Spiering, E. Denes, L. Diosi, T. Gemesy, L. Jenik, J. Krasznovsky, Gy Pinter, I. Wagner, A. V. Bannikov, J. Boehm, Yu V. Grishkevich, B. A. Khomenko, Z. V. Krumstein, Yu P. MerekovV. I. Petrukhin, K. Safarik, G. A. Shelkov, L. G. Tkachev, L. S. Vertogradov, T. Soukup, A. Valkarova, S. Valkar, P. Zavada, V. G. Kristeva, V. N. Penev, A. I. Sklovskaja, A. K. Javreishvili, A. I. Kharchilava, T. A. Lomatadze, W. Dominik, J. Gajewski, S. Majewski, K. Pniewska, L. Ropelewski, J. A. Zakrzewski

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Measurements of Ks0, Λ and {Mathematical expression} production in π- nucleus (C, Cu, Pb) interactions are presented. The experiment was carried out with the streamer chamber spectrometer RISK using a π- beam of ∼40 GeV/c and a trigger requiring a secondary charged particle with transverse momentum above 1.1 GeV/c. Production cross sections, relative production rates and distributions of Feynman x and transverse momentum squared as well as correlations between the V0 and the trigger particle are presented. The results are compared and found to be in agreement with Ks0, Λ and {Mathematical expression} data from untriggered π-p and π-C interactions, except for the relative production rate of antilambdas which is about to times larger in high-pt collisions. Our results can be well interpreted within the dual topological unitarization model.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)337-345
Number of pages9
JournalZeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Sep 1988


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Bärwolff, H., Dreher, C., Friebel, W., Gensch, U., Roloff, H. E., Schreiber, H. J., Spiering, C., Denes, E., Diosi, L., Gemesy, T., Jenik, L., Krasznovsky, J., Pinter, G., Wagner, I., Bannikov, A. V., Boehm, J., Grishkevich, Y. V., Khomenko, B. A., Krumstein, Z. V., ... Zakrzewski, J. A. (1988). Neutral strange particle production in high transverse momentum π- nucleus interactions at ∼40 GeV/c. Zeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields, 37(3), 337-345.