Neuropeptid tartalmú idegrostok a májban.

Translated title of the contribution: Neuropeptide containing nerve fibres in the liver

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INTRODUCTION: A large number of neuropeptide/neurotransmitter containing nerve fibres were observed in the whole gastrointestinal tract, so in the liver and it is supposed they might play a very important role in the microcirculation and the functions of the hepatocytes. AIM: The distribution, density, the close relationship to the effector cells, as well as the origin of the different neuropeptide containing nerve fibres were investigated by the aid of immunohisto- and immunocytochemistry. The obtained data were compared to the results gained with TH, DBH and NOS antisera. RESULTS: Large number of the neuropeptide IR nerve fibres were observed mainly around the portal triad, especially around the interlobular a. and v., however, some IR nerve fibres were observed intralobullary, too. With the aid of EM the synaptic space is 20-200 nm between the IR nerve fibres and the effector cells. The greatest density of the IR nerve fibres were found NPY, TH and DBH IR, mainly around the arteries, however, some NPY, SP, SOM IR nerve fibres were observed in the space of Disse. VIP, NOS, CGRP IR nerve fibres were found only very rarely, they were located around the portal triad. Some intramural ganglia were also observed in the porta hepatis and in the main intralobular septum, where SOM, VIP and NPY IR multipolar nerve cell bodies were found. After the extrinsic denervation all of the CGRP ans SP IR nerve fibres disappeared in the liver and the number of the TH, DBH and NPY IR nerve fibers were also decreased. CONCLUSIONS: On the basis of these morphological data, it is supposed that these neuropeptide containing nerve fibres might play a very important role in the control of the blood flow, in the function of the hepatocytes, so the metabolism of the glucose, lipids, the production of the bile, and so on.

Translated title of the contributionNeuropeptide containing nerve fibres in the liver
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JournalOrvosi hetilap
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Publication statusPublished - Aug 22 2004

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