Nanochannel alignment analysis by scanning transmission ion microscopy

I. Rajta, G. A.B. Gál, S. Z. Szilasi, Z. Juhász, S. Biri, M. Mátéfi-Tempfli, S. Mtéfi-Tempfli

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In this paper a study on the ion transmission ratio of a nanoporous alumina sample is presented. The sample was investigated by scanning transmission ion microscopy (STIM) with different beam sizes. The hexagonally close-packed Al2O3 nanocapillary array, realized as a suspended membrane of 15 νm thickness, had pore diameters of ∼ 215nm and spacing of ∼ 450nm. When the proton beam size was limited to a single domain, a peak transmission ratio of 19% was observed as is expected from the geometry (∼19-20%). This result points out an almost perfectly parallel alignment of the capillaries within one domain. However, for larger beam scanning areas (sampling multiple domains) the transmission ratio was reduced to 5%. The STIM analysis over an area larger than the typical domain size revealed an overall capillary angular spread of ∼ 2°.

Original languageEnglish
Article number295704
Issue number29
Publication statusPublished - Jul 14 2010


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