Multiplicity distributions in small phase-space domains in central nucleus-nucleus collisions

J. Bächler, J. Bartke, H. Białkowska, R. Bock, R. Brockmann, P. Buncic, S. I. Chase, I. Derado, V. Eckardt, J. Eschke, D. Ferenc, B. Fleischmann, M. Fuchs, M. Gaździcki, H. J. Gebauer, E. Gładysz, J. W. Harris, W. Heck, M. Hoffmann, S. KabanaK. Kadija, R. Keidel, J. Kosiec, M. Kowalski, A. Kühmichel, M. Lahanas, Y. Lee, M. Le Vine, A. Ljubicic, S. Margetis, E. Nappi, G. Odyniec, G. Paic, A. D. Panagiotou, A. Petridis, J. Pfenning, A. Piper, F. Posa, H. G. Pugh, F. Pühlhofer, G. Rai, W. Rauch, R. Renfordt, G. Roland, D. Röhrich, H. Rothard, K. Runge, A. Sandoval, E. Schmidt, N. Schmitz, E. Schmoetten, I. Schneider, P. Seyboth, J. Seyerlein, E. Skrzypczak, P. Stefański, R. Stock, H. Ströbele, L. Teitelbaum, S. Tonse, G. Vassileiadis, G. Vesztergombi, D. Vranic, S. Wenig, B. Wosiek

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Multiplicity distributions of negatively charged particles have been studied in restricted phase space intervals for central S+S, O+Au and S+Au collisions at 200 GeV/nucleon. It is shown that multiplicity distributions are well described by a negative binomial form irrespectively of the size and dimensionality of phase space domain. A clan structure analysis reveals interesting similarities between complex nuclear collisions and a simple partonic shower. The lognormal distribution agrees reasonably well with the multiplicity data in large domains, but fails in the case of small intervals. No universal scaling function was found to describe the shape of multiplicity distributions in phase space intervals of varying size.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)541-550
Number of pages10
JournalZeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1993

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    Bächler, J., Bartke, J., Białkowska, H., Bock, R., Brockmann, R., Buncic, P., Chase, S. I., Derado, I., Eckardt, V., Eschke, J., Ferenc, D., Fleischmann, B., Fuchs, M., Gaździcki, M., Gebauer, H. J., Gładysz, E., Harris, J. W., Heck, W., Hoffmann, M., ... Wosiek, B. (1993). Multiplicity distributions in small phase-space domains in central nucleus-nucleus collisions. Zeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields, 57(4), 541-550.