Multiplicity and transverse energy flux in 16O+Pb at 200 GeV per nucleon

A. Bamberger, D. Bangert, J. Bartke, H. Bialkowska, R. Bock, R. Brockmann, C. De Marzo, M. de Palma, I. Derado, V. Eckardt, C. Favuzzi, J. Fent, D. Ferenc, H. Fessler, P. Freund, M. Gazdzicki, H. J. Gebauer, K. Geissler, C. Guerra, J. W. HarrisW. Heck, T. Humanic, K. Kadija, R. Keidel, M. Kowalski, S. Margetis, E. Nappi, G. Odyniec, G. Paic, A. D. Panagiotou, A. Petridis, J. Pfennig, F. Posa, K. P. Pretzl, H. G. Pugh, F. Pühlhofer, G. Rai, A. Ranieri, R. Renfordt, D. Röhrich, K. Runge, A. Sandoval, D. Schall, N. Schmitz, L. S. Schroeder, G. Selvaggi, P. Seyboth, J. Seyerlein, E. Skrzypczak, P. Spinelli, R. Stock, H. Ströbele, A. Thomas, M. Tincknell, L. Teitelbaum, G. Vesztergombi, D. Vranic, S. Wenig, M. Wensveen

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First results from ultrarelativistic 16O+Pb collisions at 200 GeV/nucleon are presented. The transverse energy ET in average central collisions is ≈ 75 GeV for the interval 2.2≤y≤3.8. A 16-fold convolution of the inelastic p+Au transverse energy spectrum, also measured at 200 GeV, reproduces the mean ET of 16O+Pb. The amount of nuclear stopping power appears to be high.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)271-276
Number of pages6
JournalPhysics Letters B
Issue number2-3
Publication statusPublished - Jan 29 1987


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Bamberger, A., Bangert, D., Bartke, J., Bialkowska, H., Bock, R., Brockmann, R., De Marzo, C., de Palma, M., Derado, I., Eckardt, V., Favuzzi, C., Fent, J., Ferenc, D., Fessler, H., Freund, P., Gazdzicki, M., Gebauer, H. J., Geissler, K., Guerra, C., ... Wensveen, M. (1987). Multiplicity and transverse energy flux in 16O+Pb at 200 GeV per nucleon. Physics Letters B, 184(2-3), 271-276.