Urológiai multiplex tumorok autopsiás anyagban.

Translated title of the contribution: Multiple urologic tumors in autopsy material

L. Tiszlavicz, I. Szalay

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In autopsy material of the Department of Pathology at the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University in 16.8% of kidney cancers, in 12.5% of urinary bladder cancers and in 21.8% of prostatic cancers were second primary malignant tumours observed in the urinary system or in other organs. The cause of the relatively frequent tumour-associations can partly be explained with the high average age (72 years). The uropoetic cancers were in association with lung cancers (role of tobacco smoking?), gastrointestinal tumours (role of genetic or dietary factors?); and the prostatic carcinomas with urinary bladder cancer and hematologic malignancies. In our material testicular cancers were never associated with other malignancies.

Translated title of the contributionMultiple urologic tumors in autopsy material
Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)577-581
Number of pages5
JournalOrvosi hetilap
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - Mar 14 1993

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