Multiple tumor case: Report and analysis of an autopsy case

Tamás Tornóczky, Károly Szuhai

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An interesting multiple tumor case is described in which 4 different kinds of tumors were diagnosed in the same patient at autopsy and histopathologic examination. The tumors were the following: 1) inoma of the anterior pituitary lobe; 2) basal cell carcinoma of the nose; 3) adenocarcinoma of the colon sigmoideum; 4) multiple oncocytomas (oncocytomatosis) in the kidneys. Immunohistochemical investigation for p53 revealed a strong intranuclear positivity in the colonic carcinoma cells as a result of the overexpression of a possible mutant type of the protein. The other 3 tumors were negative with the p53-specific DO-7 antibody, therefore, no point mutation was thought to be present in the p53 gene of the tumor cells. The immunohistochemical and anamnestic data suggested that this is not a hereditary syndrome, and there is no common pathogenesis of these tumors. Its rarity is interesting in our case because of the coincidence of 4 different unrelated tumors and the absence of anamnestic data for familial accumulation or predisposition for multiple tumors.

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Publication statusPublished - May 1 1997


  • basal cell carcinoma
  • colon cancer
  • multiple tumor syndrome
  • oncocytoma
  • p53 prolactinoma

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