mTOR-komplexek -- molekuláris pókok a molekuláris hálókban.

Translated title of the contribution: [mTOR complexes -- molecular spiders in molecular networks].

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PI3K route is one of the most outstanding signal transduction pathways, which has a key role in the decision-making processes and functions of a cell. In this network mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) is a well-known integrator. mTOR forms two complexes, and their increased activity is present in many human tumors. Therefore, mTOR inhibitors became more and more important in the targeted therapy, first of all in the treatment of renal cancer, neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer and certain astrocytomas, and many trials are going on in other tumor types. The therapeutic results are obvious, but problems also occur, which lead to new strategies and to the development of new drugs in order to create more individualised cancer therapy.

Translated title of the contribution[mTOR complexes -- molecular spiders in molecular networks].
Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)287-294
Number of pages8
JournalMagyar onkologia
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2011

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