Modified symmetry generators and the geometric phase

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Coupled systems of slow and fast variables with symmetry, characterized by a semisimple Lie group G, are employed to study the effect of adiabatic decoupling of the fast degrees of freedom on the algebra of symmetry generators. The slow configuration space is assumed to be the symmetric coset space G/H, where H is a compact subgroup of G defined by the fast Hamiltonian. The induced gauge fields characterizing the effective slow dynamics are symmetric ones in the sense that the action of G on them can be compensated by an H-valued gauge transformation. The modification of the symmetry generators when such gauge fields are present can be described purely in geometric terms related to the non-Abelian geometric phase. The modified generators may be identified as the generators of the induced representation of G, where the inducing represention is the representation of H on the fast Hilbert space. This result enables us to recast the problem of exotic quantum numbers for effective quantum systems in purely algebraic terms via the Frobenius reciprocity theorem. Illustrative calculations for the symmetric spaces SO(d+1)/SO(d) approximately Sd (spheres) are presented. Possible relevance of modified generators for non-compact G for obtaining scattering potentials in the framework of algebraic scattering theory is also pointed out.

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