Modeling course for virtual university by features

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Environments with large number of interrelated information uses several advanced concepts as computer description of different aspects of modeled objects in the form of feature based models. In this case a set of features is defined then used for the purpose of modification of an initial model to achieve a final model as a description of an instance of a well-defined complex object from a real world environment. Utilization this approach and some relevant methods have been investigated by the authors to establish course modeling in virtual university environments. The main objective is definition generic model entities for courses and instance model entities for student course profiles. Course model entities describe virtual university activities. The modeling can be applied generally but it is being developed for the domain of higher education in virtual technologies. The paper introduces some virtual university related concepts and the approach of the authors to virtual university. Following this feature driven associative model of virtual course developed by the authors is explained. Some issues about the conceptualized application oriented virtual course features are discussed as a contribution to implementation of a virtual classroom model proposed by the authors. Finally, possibilities of integration of the university model with engineering modeling systems are discussed taking into account present day virtual universities and possibilities to communicate with prospective students both in professional design and home computer environments.

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JournalActa Polytechnica Hungarica
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Publication statusPublished - May 1 2004

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