Modeling and designing of H-controlled bistability, oscillations, and chaos in a continuous-flow stirred tank reactor+

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A model consisting of a rotonation equilibrium and a hydrogen ion catalyzed oxidation of the rotonated secies is suggested for the H-regulated testability observed frequently during oxidations of oxyanions (A") under flow conditions: A" + H+ i=> AH, (1) AH + H+ 4- {B[ -> 2H+ + -. (2)ddition of a first order decay of hydrogen ion to the scheme results in a model of eriodic oscillations:+ + {£-} -> CH. (3)Chaotic solutions are obtained using aroriate arameters and favorable inut concentrations if reaction (3) is chosen to be reversible and a new ste for removal of CH is added:H -> . (4)he model rovides the basis of a systematic aroach for designing oen chemical systems with nontrivial dynamical behavior such as bistability, eriodic and chaotic oscillations.

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