Model dependence and reliability of the electrochemical quantities derived from the measured impedance spectra of polymer modified electrodes

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Electrochemical impedance spectra obtained for poly(vinylferrocene) films are analyzed on the basis of selected theoretical models for the impedance of polymer-modified electrodes. The Kramers-Kronig transformation has been used for validation of the impedance data. Complex non-linear least squares fitting and computer simulation have been used to derive reliable quantities characterizing the electrochemical behaviour of these systems. It is demonstrated that the goodness of fit should be carefully checked in order to estimate parameters with adequate precision. It is emphasized that a relatively good fit concerning an impedance spectrum is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for the suitability of a model. Additional experimental test is required, e.g. measurements at a range of potentials, temperatures and film thicknesses.

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JournalJournal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
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Publication statusPublished - Nov 21 1994


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