Mitochondrial dehydrogenases in different taxa of Tetrahymena: Effect of insulin

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Mitochondrial dehydrogenase activity was measured in seven taxa of Tetrahymena (T. pyriformis G1, T. hegewishi, T. malaccensis, T. pigmentosa, T. shapiro, T. thermophila CU-399, T. thermophila MS-1). Enzyme activity was different in the taxa investigated. Insulin reduced enzyme activity in six of the seven taxa studied. The duration of activity reduction was relatively long (5-10 min.) in most of the cases, and in T. hegewishi this lasted up to the end of the measurements (30 min.). There was no interrelation between the basic dehydrogenase activity of the taxon and the effect of insulin. There was also no correlation between the degree of relationship (of the taxa) and the dehydrogenase profile after insulin treatment.

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JournalBioscience Reports
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1997



  • Evolution
  • Hormonal effect
  • Insulin
  • Mitochondria
  • Mt-dehydrogenase

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