Miocene volcanism in the Oaş–Gutâi Volcanic Zone, Eastern Carpathians, Romania: Relationship to geodynamic processes in the Transcarpathian Basin

Marinel Kovacs, Ioan Seghedi, Masatsugu Yamamoto, Alexandrina Fülöp, Z. Pécskay, Maria Jurje

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We present the first comprehensive study of Miocene volcanic rocks of the Oaş–Gutâi Volcanic Zone (OGVZ), Romania, which are exposed in the eastern Transcarpathian Basin (TB), within the Eastern Alpine–Western Carpathian–Northern Pannonian (ALCAPA) block. Collision between the ALCAPA block and Europe at ~ 18–16 Ma produced the Carpathian fold-and-thrust belt. This was followed by clockwise rotation and an extensional regime forming core complexes of the separated TB fragment. Based on petrographic and geochemical data, including Sr–Nd isotopic compositions and K–Ar ages, we distinguish three types of volcanic activity in the OGVZ: (1) early Miocene felsic volcanism that produced caldera-related ignimbrites in the Gutâi Mountains (15.4–14.8 Ma); (2) widespread middle–late Miocene intermediate/andesitic volcanism (13.4–7.0 Ma); and (3) minor late Miocene andesitic/rhyolitic volcanism comprising the Oraşu Nou rhyolitic volcano and several andesitic–dacitic domes in the Oaş Mountains (11.3–9.5 Ma). We show that magma evolution in the OGVZ was controlled by assimilation–fractional crystallization and magma-mixing processes within an interconnected multi-level crustal magmatic reservoir. The evolution of volcanic activity within the OGVZ was controlled by the geodynamics of the Transcarpathian Basin. The early felsic and late intermediate Miocene magmas were emplaced in a post-collisional setting and were derived from a mantle source region that was modified by subduction components (dominantly sediment melts) and lower crust. The style of volcanism within the eastern TB system exhibits spatial variations, with andesitic composite volcanoes (Gutâi Mountains) observed at the margins, and isolated andesitic–rhyolitic monogenetic volcanoes (Oaş Mountains) in the center of the basin.

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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2017



  • Eastern Carpathians
  • Miocene
  • Sr–Nd isotopes
  • Subalkaline magmatism

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