Mechanical behavior of bioactive TiC nanocomposite thin films

Katalin Balázsi, Marta Vandrovcová, Lucie Bačáková, Csaba Balázsi, Imre Bertóti, François Davin, György Radnóczi

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Carbon-based nanocomposite thin films have large application potential because they possess unique mechanical properties, especially high hardness, high elasticity, and a low widely adjustable friction coefficient. In this work, relatively easy preparation of the nanocomposite Ti and C system with good mechanical properties and bioactivity was showed. Formation of physical and mechanical processes, relationship between the evolving structure and other properties of TiC films were studied. The films were deposited on oxidized silicon substrates by dc magnetron sputtering of Ti and C targets in argon and nitrogen at different temperatures between 25°C and 800°C. The composite films consisted of metallic nanocrystalls embedded in a carbon matrix. Highest hardness ~ 18 GPa and reduced modulus of elasticity ~ 205 GPa were obtained when the crystalline nanoparticles were separated by 2-3 nm thin carbon matrix consisting of amorphous and graphitelike carbon phases. In these films the H/E ratio in the both cases is ~ 0,1. Bioactivity studies were carried out on human osteoblast-like cell line MG-63. The number of initially adhering cells on day 7 after seeding was significantly higher on the TiC surface than on the control culture dishes. Good biocompatibility and bioadhesion of these surfaces are attained by a favourable combination of surface roughness and chemistry.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMaterials Science, Testing and Informatics VI
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2013
Event8th Hungarian Conference on Materials Science - Balatonkenese, Hungary
Duration: Oct 9 2011Oct 11 2011

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Other8th Hungarian Conference on Materials Science


  • Hardness
  • In-vitro test
  • Nanocomposite
  • Structure
  • TiC

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    Balázsi, K., Vandrovcová, M., Bačáková, L., Balázsi, C., Bertóti, I., Davin, F., & Radnóczi, G. (2013). Mechanical behavior of bioactive TiC nanocomposite thin films. In Materials Science, Testing and Informatics VI (pp. 296-301). (Materials Science Forum; Vol. 729).