Mapping and DNA sequence characterisation of the Rysto locus conferring extreme virus resistance to potato cultivar 'White Lady'

Mihály Kondrák, Andrea Kopp, Csilla Uri, Anita Sós-Hegedűs, Edina Csákvári, Mátyás Schiller, Endre Barta, István Cernák, Zsolt Polgár, János Taller, Zsófia Bánfalvi

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Virus resistance genes carried by wild plant species are valuable resources for plant breeding. The Rysto gene, conferring a broad spectrum of durable resistance, originated from Solanum stoloniferum and was introgressed into several commercial potato cultivars, including 'White Lady', by classical breeding. Rysto was mapped to chromosome XII in potato, and markers used for marker-assisted selection in breeding programmes were identified. Nevertheless, there was no information on the identity of the Rysto gene. To begin to reveal the identification of Rysto, fine-scale genetic mapping was performed which, in combination with chromosome walking, narrowed down the locus of the gene to approximately 1 Mb. DNA sequence analysis of the locus identified six full-length NBS-LRR-type (short NLR-type) putative resistance genes. Two of them, designated TMV2 and TMV3, were similar to a TMV resistance gene isolated from tobacco and to Y-1, which co-segregates with Ryadg, the extreme virus resistance gene originated from Solanum andigena and localised to chromosome XI. Furthermore, TMV2 of 'White Lady' was found to be 95% identical at the genomic sequence level with the recently isolated Rysto gene of the potato cultivar 'Alicja'. In addition to the markers identified earlier, this work generated five tightly linked new markers which can serve potato breeding efforts for extreme virus resistance.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0224534
JournalPloS one
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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    Kondrák, M., Kopp, A., Uri, C., Sós-Hegedűs, A., Csákvári, E., Schiller, M., Barta, E., Cernák, I., Polgár, Z., Taller, J., & Bánfalvi, Z. (2020). Mapping and DNA sequence characterisation of the Rysto locus conferring extreme virus resistance to potato cultivar 'White Lady'. PloS one, 15(3), [e0224534].