Management of water resources and eutrophication in the Federal District of Brazil

L. Somlyody, I. Altafin

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The water resources management and eutrophication control problem in the Federal District of Brazil including the capital, Brasilia is outlined. Procedure and criteria of the assessment are discussed together with model developments (static and dynamic models for total phosphorus as well as a three-compartment P-cycle model for estimating future algae biomass levels). Population scenarios, sewage treatment options and alternatives of the future Sao Bartolomeu Reservoir for fulfilling drinking water demands for the coming 25 years are summarized. As the best compromise solution the medium size reservoir upstream to the confluence of the River Paranoa and River Sao Bartolomeu is selected. Future sewage treatment conditions are defined in order to keep trophic state at the desired level.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1813-1822
Number of pages10
JournalWater Science and Technology
Issue number7-8
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1992
EventProceedings of the 16th Biennial Conference of the International Association on Water Pollution Research and Control - Water Quality International '92 - Washington, DC, USA
Duration: May 24 1992May 30 1992


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