Low occurrence of the HLA-C*04:09N allele in a large Hungarian cohort

A. Bors, D. Inotai, H. Andrikovics, S. Benko, A. Boros-Major, Z. Illés, A. Szilvási, A. Gelle-Hossó, K. Rajczy, A. Tordai

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The presence of null alleles may affect the outcome of stem cell transplantation. HLA-C*04:09N was defined as 'common' with a frequency of 2-5/1000 in Caucasians, and its presence is routinely tested as part of haplotypes HLA-A*02:01/A*23:01-B*44:03-DRB1*07:01-DQB1*02:01. We aimed to investigate HLA-C*04:09N in a representative Hungarian cohort. HLA-typing data of 7345 unrelated persons were analyzed. The presence of HLA-C*04:09N was excluded in 157 chromosomes with either serology typing or with an allele-specific polymerase chain reaction for HLA-C*04:09N. HLA-C*04:09N was identified in a single chromosome with HLA-A*02, B*44, C*04, DRB1*07 resulting in a HLA-C*04:09N allele frequency of 0.0068% (1/14,690). This is approximately a 10- to 40-fold lower frequency compared with the previous data. Our results emphasize the need of precise local population-specific HLA-data, allowing appropriate modifications of local HLA-typing protocols.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)32-35
Number of pages4
JournalTissue Antigens
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jul 1 2015


  • 04:09N
  • Common haplotype
  • HLA-C
  • HLA-typing
  • Hungarian population
  • Null-allele

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    Bors, A., Inotai, D., Andrikovics, H., Benko, S., Boros-Major, A., Illés, Z., Szilvási, A., Gelle-Hossó, A., Rajczy, K., & Tordai, A. (2015). Low occurrence of the HLA-C*04:09N allele in a large Hungarian cohort. Tissue Antigens, 86(1), 32-35. https://doi.org/10.1111/tan.12587