Long-term experiments aimed at improving tillage practices

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The Crop Production Institute of Szent István University carried out soil quality trials in the region of Gödöllo between 1977 and 2002, followed by similar experiments near the town of Hatvan since 2002. Soil quality factors that can be improved by tillage include the looseness of the root zone, the depth of the loosened layer, the duration of the loosened state, the thickness of the compact layer impeding water transport, the soil structure, the level of surface protection, the water intake/water loss balance, the organic material balance and earthworm activity. Optimising these factors can help reduce climate stress, so that extreme weather conditions do not undermine the reliability of farming. Most of the tillage methods elaborated on the basis of the findings of the trials, with the aim of alleviating climate stress, differ from conventional recommendations.

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  • climate stress mitigation
  • soil quality
  • tillage experiment

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