Light intensity and spectrum affect metabolism of glutathione and amino acids at transcriptional level

Dávid Toldi, Mónika Gyugos, Éva Darkó, Gabriella Szalai, Zsolt Gulyás, Krisztián Gierczik, András Székely, Ákos Boldizsár, Gábor Galiba, Maria Müller, Livia Simon-Sarkadi, Gábor Kocsy

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The effects of various light intensities and spectral compositions on glutathione and amino acid metabolism were compared in wheat. Increase of light intensity (low-normal-high) was accompanied by a simultaneous increase in the shoot fresh weight, photosynthetic activity and glutathione content. These parameters were also affected by the modification of the ratios of blue, red and far-red components (referred to as blue, pink and far-red lights) compared to normal white light. The photosynthetic activity and the glutathione content decreased to 50% and the percentage of glutathione disulfide (characterising the redox state of the tissues) in the total glutathione pool doubled in far-red light. The alterations in the level and redox state of the antioxidant glutathione resulted from the effect of light on its synthesis as it could be concluded from the changes in the transcription of the related genes. Modification of the light conditions also greatly affected both the amount and the ratio of free amino acids. The total free amino acid content was greatly induced by the increase of light intensity and was greatly reduced in pink light compared to the normal intensity white light. The concentrations of most amino acids were similarly affected by the light conditions as described for the total free amino acid content but Pro, Met, Thr, ornithine and cystathionine showed unique response to light. As observed for the amino acid levels, the expression of several genes involved in their metabolism also enhanced due to increased light intensity. Interestingly, the modification of the spectrum greatly inhibited the expression of most of these genes. Correlation analysis of the investigated parameters indicates that changes in the light conditions may affect growth through the adjustment of photosynthesis and the glutathione-dependent redox state of the tissues. This process modifies the metabolism of glutathione and amino acids at transcriptional level.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0227271
JournalPloS one
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2019


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Toldi, D., Gyugos, M., Darkó, É., Szalai, G., Gulyás, Z., Gierczik, K., Székely, A., Boldizsár, Á., Galiba, G., Müller, M., Simon-Sarkadi, L., & Kocsy, G. (2019). Light intensity and spectrum affect metabolism of glutathione and amino acids at transcriptional level. PloS one, 14(12), [e0227271].