Lifetime measurements in neutron-rich 63,65Co isotopes using the AGATA demonstrator

V. Modamio, J. J. Valiente-Dobón, S. Lunardi, S. M. Lenzi, A. Gadea, D. Mengoni, D. Bazzacco, A. Algora, P. Bednarczyk, G. Benzoni, B. Birkenbach, A. Bracco, B. Bruyneel, A. Bürger, J. Chavas, L. Corradi, F. C.L. Crespi, G. De Angelis, P. Désesquelles, G. De FranceR. Depalo, A. Dewald, M. Doncel, M. N. Erduran, E. Farnea, E. Fioretto, Ch Fransen, K. Geibel, A. Gottardo, A. Görgen, T. Habermann, M. Hackstein, H. Hess, T. Hüyük, P. R. John, J. Jolie, D. Judson, A. Jungclaus, N. Karkour, R. Kempley, S. Leoni, B. Melon, R. Menegazzo, C. Michelagnoli, T. Mijatović, B. Million, O. Möller, G. Montagnoli, D. Montanari, A. Nannini, D. R. Napoli, Zs Podolyak, G. Pollarolo, A. Pullia, B. Quintana, F. Recchia, P. Reiter, D. Rosso, W. Rother, E. Sahin, M. D. Salsac, F. Scarlassara, K. Sieja, P. A. Söderström, A. M. Stefanini, O. Stezowski, S. Szilner, Ch Theisen, B. Travers, C. A. Ur

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Lifetimes of the low-lying (11/2-) states in 63,65Co have been measured employing the recoil distance doppler shift method (RDDS) with the AGATA γ-ray array and the PRISMA mass spectrometer. These nuclei were populated via a multinucleon transfer reaction by bombarding a 238U target with a beam of 64Ni. The experimental B(E2) reduced transition probabilities for 63,65Co are well reproduced by large-scale shell-model calculations that predict a constant trend of the B(E2) values up to the N=40 67Co isotope.

Original languageEnglish
Article number044326
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Oct 22 2013

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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    Modamio, V., Valiente-Dobón, J. J., Lunardi, S., Lenzi, S. M., Gadea, A., Mengoni, D., Bazzacco, D., Algora, A., Bednarczyk, P., Benzoni, G., Birkenbach, B., Bracco, A., Bruyneel, B., Bürger, A., Chavas, J., Corradi, L., Crespi, F. C. L., De Angelis, G., Désesquelles, P., ... Ur, C. A. (2013). Lifetime measurements in neutron-rich 63,65Co isotopes using the AGATA demonstrator. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 88(4), [044326].