Lateralizing value of postictal perseveration in temporal lobe epilepsy

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Purpose To describe clinical characteristics and lateralizing value of postictal perseveration (repetitive verbal behavior) in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). Other postictal language disorders (aphasia, paraphasia) are well-described signs in TLE; however, postictal perseveration has not been systematically analyzed so far. Methods One hundred and ninety-three videotaped seizures of 55 consecutive patients with refractory TLE and postoperatively seizure-free outcome were analyzed. Postictal perseveration was monitored. Results Perseveration was observed during the postictal period in 18 (9%) of the 193 seizures. The phenomenon occurred more frequently after left-sided seizures (16 left-sided and two right-sided; p=0.002). Neither age at epilepsy onset, age at monitoring, duration of epilepsy nor gender were significantly different between patients with and without postictal perseveration. Conclusion Postictal perseveration is a rare phenomenon in TLE but lateralizes the seizure onset zone to the left hemisphere. Our observation can help the presurgical evaluation of TLE because verbal perseveration frequently occurs spontaneously, even in seizures without appropriate postictal language testing.

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