Lateralisation of non-metric rhythm

R. A. Horváth, A. Schwarcz, M. Aradi, T. Auer, N. Fehér, N. Kovács, T. Tényi, C. Szalay, G. Perlaki, G. Orsi, S. Komoly, T. Dóczi, F. G. Woermann, Cs Gyimesi, J. Janszky

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There are contradictory results on lateralisation and localisation of rhythm processing. Our aim was to test whether there is a hemispheric dissociation of metric and non-metric rhythm processing. We created a non-metric rhythm stimulus without a sense of metre and we measured brain activities during passive rhythm perception. A total of 11 healthy, right-handed, native female Hungarian speakers aged 21.391.1 were investigated by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) using a 3T MR scanner. The experimental acoustic stimulus consisted of comprehensive sentences transformed to Morse code, which represent a non-metric rhythm with irregular perceptual accent structure. Activations were found in the right hemisphere, in the posterior parts of the right-sided superior and middle temporal gyri and temporal pole as well as in the orbital part of the right inferior frontal gyrus. Additional activation appeared in the left-sided superior temporal region. Our study suggests that non-metric rhythm with irregular perceptual accents structure is confined to the right hemisphere. Furthermore, a right-lateralised fronto-temporal network extracts the continuously altering temporal structure of the non-metric rhythm.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)620-635
Number of pages16
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Sep 1 2011



  • Lateralisation
  • Non-metric rhythm processing
  • Rhythm perception
  • fMRI

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Horváth, R. A., Schwarcz, A., Aradi, M., Auer, T., Fehér, N., Kovács, N., Tényi, T., Szalay, C., Perlaki, G., Orsi, G., Komoly, S., Dóczi, T., Woermann, F. G., Gyimesi, C., & Janszky, J. (2011). Lateralisation of non-metric rhythm. Laterality, 16(5), 620-635.