Kinetics and mechanism of the reaction between dicobalt octacarbonyl and hydrogen

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The equilibrium and the rates of the reaction between Co2(CO)8 and H2 to HCo(CO)4 have been studied in n-heptane at several temperatures. The formation of HCo(CO)4 is first order in both Co2(CO)8 and H2 and at low partial pressure of CO is inversely proportional to carbon monoxide concentration. The rate determining step is the reaction of dihydrogen with dicobalt heptacarbonyl, where the latter is formed in a fast pre-equilibrium. Numerical values have been estimated for the preequilibrium constant, for the velocity of the rate determining step and for the overall equilibrium constant.

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JournalJournal of Organometallic Chemistry
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Publication statusPublished - Mar 16 1972

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