Karyometrische Untersuchungen zur Klärung der osmo- bzw. volumenregulatorischen Rolle des Subcommissuralorganes und seiner funktionellen Verbindung mit der Nebennierenrinde

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On the basis of histological and karyometric examinations a functional connection may be revealed between the subcommissural organ (SCO) and the adrenal cortex, as well as the mineralocorticoids respectively. Owing to the change of the salt- and water balance of the organism the structure of the SCO is changed in an adequate way: 1. Mineralocorticoids (DOCA, Aldosteron) induce in the SCO a decrease in the volume of the cellular nucleus that points to diminished function. 2. Following to adrenalectomy cellular activity and volume of the cellular nucleus increase in the SCO. 3. Chronical dehydration icreases function of the SCO. 4. After administration of SCO-suspension (21 days every second day) a negative "feed back" phenomenon - presumably a feed-back repression - occurs. 5. Under acute conditions SCO is only responsive to hyper- and hypovolaemia respectively; function decreases in hypervolaemia and mcreases in hypovolaemia. These observations corroborate earlier examinations, which assumed the existence of a SCO-adrenal cortex-system. On the basis of the acute experiments SCO may be considered as volume-receptor and as such, as an essential component of the mechanisms regulating the salt- and water balance of the organism.

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JournalZeitschrift für Zellforschung und mikroskopische Anatomie
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