K/Ar and Ar/Ar geochronological studies in the Pannonian-Carpathians-Dinarides (PANCARDI) region

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Uplift ages of 150.6-127.3 Ma have been detected in the Batocina area, Serbo-Macedonian Massif, and of 160-120 Ma in the Bükkium. Cretaceous metamorphic ages and overthrust ages were measured in the Sopron Mts., in the Hungarian part of the Veporides, in the Bükkium and along tectonic zones of the Tisza Unit. The age of retrogressive metamorphism, associated with ore mineralization in the Central Bosnian Schist Mts. is Eocene-Oligocene. Triassic gabbro has been dated in the Bükkium, Jurassic magmatic rocks from Jabuka Island in the Adriatic Sea, in the Bükkium and along the Vardar Zone in Serbia. Cretaceous magmatites in and around the Mecsek Mts, S Hungary were partly overprinted during the Austrian and Laramian phases. Within the Tertiary calc-alkaline volcanism for the entire PANCARDI region, two age groups have been distinguished; an older group, Eocene-Oligocene in age (45-24 Ma), and a younger, Neogene-Quaternary one (ca. 20-0.2 Ma). Radiometric data for hydrothermal minerals and for the unaltered volcanic host rocks suggest close temporal relationships between volcanism and hydrothermal activity. Paleogene alkaline volcanic rocks are present from Donji Milanovac to Pirot, E Serbia. Alkali basalt in SE Bulgaria is Oligocene and in the Early Miocene of the Moesian Platform. Within the Carpathian Arc alkaline basaltic volcanism began right after the Sarmatian in Austria's Burgenland and about 8 Ma ago in Transdanubia and Central Slovakia. It ended near the Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary in Transdanubia and in the Styrian Basin and in the Quaternary in Central Slovakia and in Transylvania, Romania.

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JournalActa Geologica Hungarica
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2001


  • Ar/Ar
  • Carpathians
  • Dinarides
  • Igneous rocks
  • K/Ar
  • Metamosphism
  • Ore mineralization
  • Pannonian Basin
  • Tectonics

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