Iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women

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The aims of this research article are (i) to report new results of a populationbasedcohort study and (ii) to summarize the recent knowledge regarding the risk ofiron deficiency anemia in pregnant women for adverse birth outcomes and theeffective treatment of this pathological condition during pregnancy. The study designwas the comparison the rate of preterm birth and low birthweight newborns ofpregnant women with iron deficiency anemia according to the treatment of ironalone (N=1,576), iron + folic acid (N=4,419), folic acid alone (N=149) and withoutiron (and folic acid) treatment (N=214), in addition of pregnant women without irondeficiency anemia (N=31,793) as a reference group. Both iron deficiency anemiain pregnant women and the above adverse birth outcomes of newborns without birthdefects were medically recorded in prenatal maternity logbook and discharge summaryof women after delivery from inpatient obstetric clinics in the populationbasedHungarian Case-Control Surveillance System of Congenital Abnormalities.There was a high rate of preterm births (15.0%) in the newborns of anemicpregnant women without iron treatment. The rate of preterm birth was only somewhathigher (10.7%) in the newborns of anemic pregnant women supplemented by ironcompared to the figure of reference group (9.2%). However, anemic pregnantwomen with iron + folic acid treatment had a significantly lower rate of preterm births (8.2%). The secondary findings of the study are the higher prevalenceof constipation, hemorrhoids and hypotension in anemic pregnant women. Thesefindings are discussed on the basis of data in the literature. In conclusion the higherrisk of preterm birth of newborn infants born to pregnant women with irondeficiency anemia can be reduced by iron treatment and prevented by iron + folicacid supplementation.

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