Investigations of Hungarian natural zeolites for use in solar cooling

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The ad- and desorption properties of several natural zeolites of Hungarian origin were investigated from the aspect of their use in solar cooling. From the results of experiments carried out in a vacuum equipment or obtained by derivatography, the conclusion could be drawn that modification of the structure and the introduction of different exchange ions enhance the adsorption properties, but the costs to be paid are not in proportion to the improvements attained. The sun-collector of the experimental solar refrigerator was therefore filled with a clinoptilolite-based natural zeolite of type ERSORB-4, available from the Erdokemia Co., Hungary. Because of the inadequacies of the radiation collector, the equipment did not work properly. It is hoped that this fault can be corrected by modification of the collector. -Authors

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1988


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