Investigation of the production of the therapeutic radioisotope 114mIn through proton and deuteron induced nuclear reactions on cadmium

F. Tárkányi, S. Takács, A. Hermanne, P. Van Den Winkel, R. Van Der Zwart, Ye A. Skakun, Yu N. Shubin, S. F. Kovalev

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For production of the therapeutic radionuclide 114mIn, proton and deuteron induced nuclear reactions were investigated using the stacked-foil technique on enriched 114Cd and natCd targets up to E p = 36 MeV and Ed = 21 MeV. The experimental cross sections of the 114Cd(p, γ)115mIn, 114Cd(p, n)114mIn, 114Cd(p, 2n) 113mIn, 114Cd(p, 4n)111m,gIn, 114Cd(p, αn)110mAg, 114Cd(p, α)111m,gAg, 114Cd(d, n)115mIn, 114Cd(d, 2n)114mIn, 114Cd(d, 3n) 113mIn, 114Cd(d, p)115gCd, 114Cd(d, α)112Ag, 114Cd(p, αn)111m,gAg, natCd(p, x)114mIn and natCd(d, x) 114mIn reactions are reported. Thick target yields are derived and different routes for production of 114mIn are compared.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)561-569
Number of pages9
JournalRadiochimica Acta
Issue number9-10
Publication statusPublished - Nov 17 2005



  • Cd and Cd target
  • Cross section
  • In therapeutic radionuclide
  • Proton and deuteron induced reactions

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