Investigation of the connection between the intermediate gamma-ray bursts and X-ray flashes

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Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) can be divided into three groups: short-, intermediate- and long-duration bursts. While the progenitors of the short and long ones are relatively known, the progenitors of the intermediate-duration bursts (IBs) are generally unknown. However, recent statistical studies suggest that they can be related to the long-duration bursts. Another types of GRBs are the so-called X-ray flashes (XRFs) and X-ray rich GRBs (XRRs). The former ones radiate more intensively in the X-ray bands than common GRBs, but in the cases of XRFs the main component of the emission is produced entirely at X-ray wavelengths. Also, the XRFs and IBs show some similarities regarding their prompt- and afterglow properties. In this work we investigate whether there is a difference between the global parameters of the X-ray flashes and intermediate-duration group of gamma-ray bursts. The statistical tests do not show any significant discrepancy regarding most of the parameters, except the BAT photon index, which is only a consequence of the definition of the XRFs.

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