Interlamellar sorption of binary liquids and solutions on partially hydrophobized silicate surfaces

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Solid-liquid interfacial adsorption on swelling and non-swelling silicate adsorbents was studied in miscible and partially miscible binary systems. Solid surfaces were hydrophobized to various extent by cationic surfactants and the extent of surface modification was monitored by the determination of adsorption isotherms, by microcalorimetry and X-ray diffraction. It was established that the surface thermodynamic potential functions obtained by a combination of adsorption and calorimetric data allow an exact characterization of the hydrophobicity of the surface. Adsorbents swelling to different extent can be differentiated not only by X-ray diffraction but also by the enthalpy functions describing the interfacial layer.

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JournalACH - Models in Chemistry
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1997


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