Interferon a vírushepatitis kezelésében. 50 éve fedezték fel az interferont

Translated title of the contribution: Interferon in the treatment of viral hepatitis. The interferon was discovered 50 years ago

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The interferons are heterogenic glycoproteins which are produced on the effect of virus infection, as immune answer, by the living cells. They were discovered half a century ago. They have antineoplasmatic, antiviral and immune modulant effect. The names of interferons used in the therapy are nominated with Greek letters. This nomination shows their origins: the interferon-alpha originates from leucocytes, the interferon-beta does from fibroblasts and the interferon-gamma is produced as immune interferon by lymphocytes. In human medicine both natural and recombinant interferons are applied. The connection of polyaethylenglycol to interferons ensures their sustained effect. Nowadays they are applied in the therapy of chronic hepatitis B or C as well as in oncology to inhibit the neoplasm progression.

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