Interaction of C2N2 with clean and oxygen dosed Cu(111) surface studied by AES, ELS and TDS measurements

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The adsorption and surface reaction of cyanogen on clean and oxygen covered Cu(111) have been investigated. From electron energy loss measurements, thermal desorption spectroscopy and electron beam effects in Auger spectroscopy, it is proposed that cyanogen adsorbs dissociatively on Cu(111) at 300 K. The activation energy for the desorption was calculated to be 180 kJ/mol. Cyanogen adsorption onto oxygen predosed Cu(111) is inferred to produce the NCO surface species. This interpretation was aided by data of electron energy loss measurements and from HNCO adsorption onto Cu(111) at 300 K. A reaction began in the co-adsorbed layer above 400 K, yielding CO2 and N2.

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JournalSurface Science
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Publication statusPublished - Jul 1 1981


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