Inorganic adsorbents in enzymatic processes

Ulrich Sohling, Kirstin Suck, Patrick Jonczyk, Friederike Sander, Sascha Beutel, Thomas Scheper, Axel Thiefes, Ute Schuldt, Claudia Aldenhoven, G. Egri, Lars Dähne, Annamaria Fiethen, Hubert Kuhn, Oliver Wenzel, Heike Temme, Bernd Niemeyer, Paul Bubenheim, Andreas Liese

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This chapter introduces the employed inorganic adsorbents and presents the results about enzyme purification and isolation on aluminum oxides and aluminosilicates. The most common adsorbents for biotechnological processes are especially for protein or enzyme purification of polymeric resin particles as well as cross-linked dextran gels. The chapter discusses the immobilization of phospholipases A by physisorption on precipitated silica and continues with immobilization of lipase and alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) on precipitated silica, modified by the layer-by-layer (LbL) technology. It also addresses the development of a reaction concept using immobilized ADH in columns in a solvent-based system. It describes where a phospholipase enzyme can be used in several recycling steps in the degumming of crude oils. For the industrialization of biotechnological processes, there are still numerous challenges to be overcome associated with downstream processing. A powerful way to cope with the challenges is selective adsorption on specific solid adsorbents.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationApplied Biocatalysis
Subtitle of host publicationFrom Fundamental Science to Industrial Applications
PublisherWiley-VCH Verlag
Number of pages43
ISBN (Electronic)9783527677122
ISBN (Print)9783527336692
Publication statusPublished - Aug 16 2016


  • Alcohol dehydrogenase
  • Aluminum oxides
  • Biocatalytic transformations
  • Enzyme purification
  • Inorganic adsorbents
  • Layer-by-layer technology
  • Phospholipase enzyme

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  • Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology(all)

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    Sohling, U., Suck, K., Jonczyk, P., Sander, F., Beutel, S., Scheper, T., Thiefes, A., Schuldt, U., Aldenhoven, C., Egri, G., Dähne, L., Fiethen, A., Kuhn, H., Wenzel, O., Temme, H., Niemeyer, B., Bubenheim, P., & Liese, A. (2016). Inorganic adsorbents in enzymatic processes. In Applied Biocatalysis: From Fundamental Science to Industrial Applications (pp. 253-295). Wiley-VCH Verlag.